Road opening

Some say it has seemed like the longest seven months in the history of Amery. Other’s feel it has not been so bad. Everyone agrees they are excited for the opening of Keller Avenue. Amery’s downtown reconstruction is nearing completion. To celebrate, the City of Amery, MSA and A-1 Excavating are inviting the public to a reconstruction ribbon-cutting ceremony Friday, October 22 from 5:00p.m.

The finishing touches have been taking place on the project. Crews have been working on putting a second layer of blacktop on the south part of the Keller Avenue construction zone.  They have also been working on putting blacktop where the side streets and driveways meet Keller Avenue.

A1 continues to work on setting manholes and preparing for the last layer of blacktop.

Friday, October 15, the Burman/Keller intersection was closed until the project is completed.

The city advises as the project continues, be careful walking across the blacktop on Keller Ave as there will be days where it could be sticky from road tack.

B & B Electric has been working on getting the street lights up and running.

There will ultimately be stoplights at the Birch/Keller Intersection. They are currently delayed, and will be installed when they arrive.

Friday’s Grand Opening of Keller Avenue event will be held at the intersection of Birch St. and Keller Avenue. The road will still be closed at this time which will allow for ample room to celebrate while socially distant. Root beer floats will be handed out as well.

The road is not actually scheduled to open at this event. The tentative opening date for the road is October 29, after it is inspected.

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