Just as one road construction project winds down in Amery, another is set to begin.

The Polk County Highway Department is currently developing plans to improve County Road F, also known as 65th Avenue, between Pondhurst Drive in the City of Amery, to County PP (130th Street) in the Town of Lincoln.

The existing pavement on County F is showing signs of deterioration and the project will begin with the installation of a new guardrail along the north side of County Road F, immediately east of Bear Trap Court, which is scheduled for fall 2021.

Other parts of the project will begin in the summer of 2022. A letter from Polk County to adjacent property owners said, “It is anticipated the work will begin in early June of 2022 and should be completed by the end of July 2022.”

The project improvements include resurfacing the roadway, which will consist of pulverizing the existing pavement full depth and placing new hot mixed asphalt pavement on top of the pulverized base.

Also being done, is paving the existing gravel shoulders two feet wide. The overall shoulder width will not change. Those improvements will be constructed entirely within the existing highway right of way and no impacts to adjacent properties are anticipated.

The County F and County PP intersection is also being studied for safety issues and improvement needs. Upon completion of the intersection analysis, improvements to the intersection may be included in the project.

County Road F will remain open to traffic during construction and access to driveways will be maintained during the project.

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