Isakson at City Center

Mayor Paul Isakson is shown on the main level of the the new City Center slated to open mid-January.

In mid-January when the City of Amery, Amery Police Department and Amery Area Public Library move into their combined space in the new City Center, it will be almost two years to the day that the city announced their plan to combine all city services under one roof at what was then Bremer Bank.

Originally the city was hopeful they would move into the space in December 2021, but the completion date for the new City Center has been pushed back to mid-January. This has resulted in City Hall’s moving date also being pushed to mid-January. 

With the new timeline, City Hall will now be open for customers at the end of December and the beginning of January in the current location.  City Hall will then be closed to the public January 17 – January 28 to allow time for the move.  City Hall will open to the public in its new location in the South end of the new City Center on January 31st. Payments will be accepted via mail and drop box during the time City Hall is closed, and the payments will be processed the day they are received. If you would like a receipt or need a dog license from a payment processed during this time, please include a self-addressed and stamped envelope with your payment. A receipt can also be obtained through

Starting January 18th, please mail payments to our new address 104 Maple St W, Suite A, Amery, WI 54001.

The Amery Area Public Library recently shared to prepare for moving a collection of over 40,000 materials as well as supplies, furniture, computers, and more, they will be closed to the public sometime in mid-January, with more details to come.

What does this mean for patron services during this period?

1. Amery items will not be due during the time of closure-and can be adjusted as needed.

2. Items on your account from other libraries will be due on the date indicated on your return slip. You can also find this information by logging on your MORE account.

3. Their book drop will be closed, and they will be unable to accept returns. You can return your books at Deer Park, Clear Lake, Turtle Lake, or any other MORE library location.

4. You will be unable to pick up holds at the Amery library, but you can request items and have the hold go to a neighboring library such as Deer Park, Clear Lake, Turtle Lake, or any other MORE location for pickup.

5. They will continue to answer the phone and/or check messages for as long as we can. We hope to reopen around the end January/beginning of February-but stay tuned to our website, our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and the Amery Free Press for updates and information. “We will miss serving you but are thrilled to resume our work in our new location.”

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