August 2002, Turks & Caicos Islands following 525ft No Limits Freediving world record. Tanya celebrates at 25ft with deep trimix safety divers Dave Apperly (left)and John Garvin (right). Tanya’s record dive took three minutes and 32 seconds but these deep safety drivers remained in the water for more than 3.5 hours to decompress. 

Twenty years ago, Tanya Street held her breath and dove into a world record-literally. She pushed through chest pain ear pressure and dizziness to break the men's no limit world diving record by diving to a depth of 525 feet (160 m) near the Turks and Caicos Islands. A far cry from the Caribbean, she celebrated the 20-year anniversary of the dive by jumping into Star Prairie’s Lower Pine Lake.

“I was born in Grand Cayman in the early 1970s. All we had back then for entertainment was the ocean so I guess you could say that’s where it all began,” said Streeter.

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