Patty and Ben

Patty Bjorklund and Ben Jansen

As of the September 1, 2021 City Council meeting, Patty Bjorklund is officially the City of Amery’s new City Administrator and Ben Jansen is the city’s new Clerk/Treasurer.

The City Council went into closed session after the first portion of their regular September meeting. After closed session, the group came into open session and unanimously approved the new titles for the two employees. Also approved starting October 1, was an annual salary of $86,000 for Bjorklund and $66,560 for Jansen.

Bjorklund was hired in the spring of 2019 as City Clerk/Treasurer, she served as interim City Administrator after the City parted ways with Kim Moore in October 2019.

Previous to her job with the City of Amery, she started her career as a Municipal Clerk/Treasurer for the Town of Lincoln in 2005. She worked as Municipal Clerk/Treasurer for the Village of Webster in 2009. Next, she worked as Municipal Clerk/Deputy-Treasurer for the Village of Grantsburg.

Jansen was hired as Amery’s Management Analyst in August 2019. He grew up and went to High School in Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Jansen then attended UW-River Falls from 2012-2016 and later Hamline in St. Paul. He worked previously as a manager at Stillwater Walmart and as a Warehouse Manager for Second Harvest Heartland, a food bank in St. Paul.

When asked what drew him to the position in Amery, he said, “Honestly I have missed living in Western Wisconsin since I left River Falls and it was the location coupled with the desire to get into government that brought me.”

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