Tanya Julson

Hailey Clausen approaching the net.

By Brett Hart

Contributing Writer

Amery's girls tennis team wrapped up the 2-day Altoona Invite on Aug. 31 with a 5-2 win over Medford.

The Warriors' singles players dominated Medford, giving up just three games in four matches.

Drew Meyer (No. 1) blanked Maddy Spencer, 6-0, 6-0. Sophie Whitley (No. 2) controlled Sophie Brost, 6-2, 6-0. Hailey Clausen (No. 3) shut out Kianna Haenel, and Diedra Meyer (No. 4) blasted Lindsey Wildberg, 6-0, 6-1.

The Warriors' lone doubles victory came in the No. 1 match as Autumn Rivard and Hanna Bottolfson edged Brooke Sommer and Kailee Mann, 6-4, 6-3.

"Autumn and Hanna are playing very well together," said Amery Coach Tanya Julson. "They are both very versatile players. They can hit from the back court and finish at the net."

At the end of a slow-starting first set at No. 3 doubles, Maya Curtis sprained her ankle. Despite the injury, she and Reese Benware finished strong, but lost the match 1-6, 4-6.

Lidia Curtis and Lily Marquand put together a strong fight in the first set of the No. 2 doubles match, but ended up falling 5-7, 1-6.

With the varsity squad being plagued with injuries early in the season, coach Julson said, "The top JV girls are stepping up and doing a great job helping out the team. It is very difficult to continually be changing doubles partners. I love how all the girls are cooperating, being positive and flexible and working hard to do their best and help the team."

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