Public Notice Of Intent To Reissue A Wisconsin Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (Wpdes) Permit No.wi-0060313-11-0


Permittee: Lake Wapogasset Bear Trap Lake S. D., 777 South Shore Drive, Amery, WI, 54001

Facility Where Discharge Occurs: Lake Wapogasset Bear Trap Lake S D, 777 South Shore Drive, Amery, Wisconsin

Receiving Water And Location: The groundwater of the Balsam Branch watershed within the St. Croix river basin in Polk County

Brief Facility Description: The Lake Wapogasset Bear Trap Lake Sanitary District owns and operates a domestic wastewater treatment system consisting of three lagoons and two seepage cells. There has never been a discharge to the seepage cells because the leaking lagoons have been working as an equivalent to the seepage cells. There are 6 groundwater monitoring wells around the perimeter of the facility to assess any groundwater impacts of the discharge.

Permit Drafter’s Name, Address, Phone and Email: Sheri A. Snowbank, WDNR 810 W Maple Street, Spooner, WI, 54801, (715) 635-4131,

Basin Engineer’s Name, Address, Phone and Email: Jordan Englebert, WDNR 810 W Maple Street, Spooner, WI, 54801, (715) 635-4053,

The Department has tentatively decided that the above specified WPDES permit should be reissued.

Persons wishing to comment on or object to the proposed permit action, or to request a public hearing, may write to the Department of Natural Resources at the permit drafter’s address. All comments or suggestions received no later than 30 days after the publication date of this public notice will be considered along with other information on file in making a final decision regarding the permit. Anyone providing comments in response to this public notice will receive a notification of the Department’s final decision when the permit is issued.

The Department may schedule a public informational hearing if requested by any person and shall schedule an informational hearing if a petition requesting a hearing is received from 5 or more persons or if response to this notice indicates significant public interest pursuant to s. 283.49, Stats. Information on requesting a hearing is at the above web link.

Limitations and conditions which the Department believes adequately protect the receiving water are included in the proposed permit. Information on file for this permit action, including the draft permit, fact sheet and permit application, may be reviewed on the internet at the above web link or may be inspected and copied at the permit drafter’s office during office hours. Information on this permit may also be obtained by calling the permit drafter or by writing to the Department. Reasonable costs (15 cents per page for copies and 7 cents per page for scanning) will be charged for information in the file other than the public notice, permit and fact sheet. Pursuant to the Americans with Disabilities Act, reasonable accommodation, including the provision of informational material in an alternative format, will be made to qualified individuals upon request.

(November 5)


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