The Amery City Council met on September 9, 2020 via “ZOOM” and City Committee Meeting Room. Mayor, Paul Isakson called the meeting to order at 5:00 p.m.

Roll Call: Interim City Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer, Patty Bjorklund conducted Roll Call.

Present: Mayor, Paul Isakson. Council President, Rick Van Blaricom. Alderpersons, Tim Strohbusch, Julie Riemenschneider, Sarah Flanum, Chad Leonard, and Eric Elkin.

Absent: None.

Staff Present: Interim Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer, Patty Bjorklund.

Others present: Jerry Sondreal.

New Business:

1. Discussion/Action: Sale of Current City Hall Building. Mayor, Isakson stated the pros and cons of selling the current city hall. The building was appraised by Roger Koski of Bowmar Appraisal as well as Cary Dean Eastvold of Park Lakes & Land reviewed the property and gave their opinion of value. Roger stated that the property could sell for $200,000. Cary Dean Eastvold stated that the property could sell for $115,000. Cary based that number on the fact that the roof needs repair as well as other issues in the building. Roger did not. Member, Strohbusch asked if the building were sold, how much tax revenue would be garnered? Mayor, Isakson stated that based on the sale price, possibly $5,000. A purchase agreement was discussed. The sale of the building would be $5,000 and roof repair would be approximately $150,000. The interested party would be willing to lease back the building for $1 until the city vacates the building in late summer of next year. The interested party would repair the roof once purchased this fall. The interested party’s name was disclosed. Dean Raveling. Discussion also took place regarding the city attorney’s opinion. The attorney noted that unless the City has a policy otherwise or the Council prefers to advertise, they don’t have to. The council needs to have open meeting discussions to approve. He felt that the building is in poor condition. One might even argue that it has a negative value based on the cost to demo and the resulting value of the vacant lot. He stated that good record of the reasons for the price and the fact of the free ($1) lease and the benefit the City will receive to having a business invest downtown. The council agreed with his summation. Changes to the lease in section 10.2.E (change of date to when the tenant vacates the building should be August 31, 2021). Also add require roof repair takes place within 60 days of sale.

Motion by Council President, Van Blaricom; seconded by Alderperson, Strohbusch; to accept Dean Raveling’s offer to purchase the current city administration building for $5,000 and all terms stipulated in the sale agreement between him and the City of Amery.

Ayes – 6 Nays – 0 Motion Carried

Motion by Alderperson, Elkin; seconded by Alderperson, Riemenschneider; to adjourn at 5:17 PM

Ayes – 6 Nays – 0 Motion carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Patty Bjorklund, WCMC/CMC/CMTW

Interim Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer

September 9, 2020

**These Minutes will be reviewed and possibly approved at the next City Council Meeting and are to be considered Draft Minutes.

(Sept. 15)


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