To the City of Amery,

We would like to give a heartfelt thanks to the people of Amery who supported the 41st Annual Amery Woman’s Club Art and Craft Fair this year. Most of the Artists and Crafters were able to survive the rain and wind storm and once the skies cleared they had successful sales. The storm did not keep away the shoppers who were able to make their art and craft purchases and enjoy food options during the late morning and afternoon.

The City of Amery deserves thanks for allowing us to us North Park, a beautiful setting enjoyed by the vendors and shoppers alike. We had tremendous support from local businesses including Dick’s Fresh Market, Sports and More, Amery Free Press, Lampert Lumber, Raska Sewer Service and all of the Amery businesses that allowed us to place our posters in their stores and shops. Mary Lou Olson once again did a wonderful job with the city signs publicizing the Fair. The Police Department kept a watchful eye over the vendors units which were set up the night before. The City Employees, including Bones and Duane, went above and beyond to assist the Amery Woman’s Club Members with set up and clean up. Amery can be proud to have them as caretakers of our City. Our biggest thanks goes to the many of you, the people of the Amery Area, who came out and supported the artists, crafters, and food vendors to make it a Fair that people keep attending year after year.

Your support of the Fair this year has allowed us the opportunity to award

$3,250 in scholarships to local women, including high school students for college and leadership and non-traditional adult students.

Your generosity over the years makes us proud to be an active service organization for the Amery Community.

Living the Volunteer Spirit,

Julie Andersen and Nell Anderson

Amery Woman’s Club Art and Craft Fair Co-Chairs

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