As local area farmers begin to prepare for another growing season, I wonder how many are aware of the problems they will be encountering come harvest time. President Trump’s policies have already damaged local farmers ability to receive the maximum price for their crops. Mexico has signed an exclusive contract with Argentina to buy all their grain from there. Mexico will not be importing any corn, wheat or soybeans from the USA. And China, in retaliation to Trump’s tariffs on Chinese aluminum and steel, has put tariffs on American products, including pork and grain. Farmers will not be receiving as high a profit as possible on grain sales to China. This is all thanks to President Trump. One wonders how many other countries will be taking their business elsewhere?

And where does our Congressional Representative for the 7th District, Sean Duffy stand on this? He is solidly arm-in-arm with President Trump. Duffy believes these harmful tariffs will eventually benefit the country, even though it will be at great cost to Wisconsin farmers. Congressman Duffy is a Trump man, sadly, now that his agricultural constituents really need his help. But I’m sure that the local billionaires and millionaires appreciated his assistance. He proudly voted with Trump and fellow Republicans in Congress to pass the Trump Tax Act. If you are a billionaire or millionaire, I’m sure you enjoy the thousands of dollars in tax cuts you received. If you are an average working class citizen of the 7th district, how is that cut working out for you? I am hearing that most people are using it to buy a nice lunch once a month or a tank of gas (which is also skyrocketing, thanks Trump).

And I would like to know why Congressman Duffy voted “NO” on hurricane relief bills for Houston, Florida and Puerto Rico claiming that it would add too much to the national deficit. Duffy has frequently proffered himself as a “fiscal conservative,” and yet, he had no problem voting for the tax cut that increases the national debt by 1.5 trillion dollars. I’m not sure Congressman Duffy has his priorities on order. He definitely doesn’t seem to be committed to his word.

This November we go to the polls and will be voting for our representative for the 7th District. During the time from now until then I hope you will start listening to Margaret Engebretson. Please read up on her history and political views. Visit her website or Facebook page. I believe Margaret will better represent the common folk of the 7th District. I hope you will agree.

Mark Gleason

Balsam Lake

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