To the editor:

My dad was a Democrat all his life. He loved Harry Truman. He did not approve of Ike Eisenhower, but he did not hate and my dad’s Democrats did not hate Ike.

My dads Democrats worked for a living and supported other people who worked for a living.

My dad’s Democrats were proud of America and did not apologize for our accomplishments.

My dad’s Democrats fought for America and did not need a safe room.

My dad’s Democrats worked to make a better America. They did not protest, obstruct, resist or hurt America.

My dads Democrats supported families. They would not support Planned Parented and killing babies.

My dad’s Democrats knew and understood the Constitution and the law of the land. They did not try to load the courts with progressive and liberal judges. Police, clergy, teachers and authorities were honored and respected.

My dads Democrats taught students and did not indoctrinate.

My dad’s Democrats believed in Christian values. Prayer in schools was supported and desired.

My dads Democrats fought Socialism and Communism. They did not vote for candidates trying to destroy capitalism.

I miss my dad and we all miss my dad’s Democrats.

Glen A Clausen


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