We now have the greatest invasion we have ever seen on our southern border. Along with many who just want to come here for a better life, albeit illegally, the invasion includes human trafficking, illegal drug trafficking, children being abused and abandoned, rapists, pedophiles, MS13 hoodlums, other foreign terrorists, lots of covid-19 and who knows what other kinds of diseases. We are quickly losing our energy independence and gas prices are already on the way up. We are seeing prices on everything jumping up and we are headed for some serious inflation. Anyone old enough to remember the Carter years shouldn’t want that. The terrorist group Hamas has been firing thousands of Iranian made missiles into Israel. China has started saber rattling in opposition to Taiwan’s autonomy in part because they know Biden is compromised in regards to China and they know he is feeble. A growing number of public schools across America are now teaching sexual subjects including all kinds of deviant behaviors to the youngest grade school children. A growing number of public schools are teaching children to be racists via the so called “critical race theory” and woke-ism nonsense. Police forces are being defunded and handicapped in Democrat controlled cities all across America. We have the most widely used social networks blatantly censoring speech that doesn’t fit their socialist (fascist/communist) agenda. Our current federal government is again endorsing unnecessary abortions, and spending our tax dollars on them through Planned Parenthood and foreign aid. Our 2nd amendment is being threatened like it never has been before.

Bad things happen when we have modern day Democrats in control. The proof is in our Democrat controlled cities, in our blue states, and in our current Democrat controlled federal government. Voters who previously have voted Democrat maybe should heed the words of advice from Josh Turner and “Don’t go ridin on that long black train”.

Rod Cain

Deer Park, WI

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