This letter is pertaining to the “Recall Evers” booth that was adjacent to the Amery Farmer’s Market on Saturday 9/12. Dain Lyons published on his Facebook events page that their booth (Recall Evers) was located adjacent to the Amery Farmer’s Market. The market has and always will remain neutral on politics, religion, etc. The market did not endorse or give permission for Dain Lyon to post on his Facebook event that the event was located at the Amery Farmer’s Market.

The booth at the Stower Trail was not part of the Amery Farmer’s Market. We understand that their booth is located off the Stower Trail and it is on public land and that they were acting on their 1st Amendment right. We would not ask to hinder anyone’s 1st Amendment rights, however we have received a huge backlash from the community feeling that we invited in or opened up the market to one political party or another.

Thank you

Valerie Burke

Amery Farmer’s Market Manager

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