I’ve read with interest Susan Hansen of Shell Lake Dec. 16 2021 letter where she claims Tiffany knows there were no credible complaints of fraud or irregularities in the election. John Bailey of Grantsburg January 20 2021 letter which he states Rep. Magnafici was a signatory on this pathetic effort to undermine the vote. Steve Pearson of Danbury letter of January 13 2021 where he requests that Representative Tom Tiffany should resign because of his vote to contest certified electors in Arizona and Pennsylvania, the same action taken by many Democrats when President Trump and President Bush won an election.

The Democrats like to say there is no evidence of fraud because many cases were dismissed by judges. The truth is many judges are not willing to allow election cases go forward because they are reluctant to overturn elections. The truth is if a case doesn’t go forward it stops the evidence gathering process. The complainant does have subpoena powers if the case doesn’t proceed. The truth is people who believe there was fraud have been stopped from finding some evidence.

Let’s look at what we do have in Mike Lindell Absolute Proof video that shows how voting machines were falsely reporting votes. See for yourself at https://michaeljlindell.com/.

Then Mark Zuckerberg and his wife gave to Center for Tech and Civil Life.$ 300 to $400 million to pay election workers, train poll workers and rent polling locations for the Nov. 3 vote in various states. In Wisconsin the Center for Technology and Civic Life, gifted over $6,000,000 to the Cites of Racine, Kenosha, Green Bay, Madison, and Milwaukee, all Democratic Party strongholds, in order for those cities to facilitate the use of absentee voting. What was this money used for: 1. Curbside absentee ballot requests so voters could complete their voter registration and absentee requests all at once.2. Drop boxes for absentee votes allowing for potential vote harvesting.3. Have in-person absentee voting curbside voting locations. 4 Recruiting partisan Democrats to be poll workers.

We went from 72,000 to 243,900 that claim indefinite confinement to bypass voter ID laws. A new Wisconsin Elections Commission report reveals that a staggering 54,360 voters who claimed indefinite confinement did not have valid photo identification on file with their municipal clerk and were thus able to circumvent Wisconsin’s Voter ID law. Republicans are upset that the Voter ID law has been made meaningless due to allowing anyone to define the term “indefinite confinement” destroying an election safeguard. How do we write a meaningful law if every term in the law has to be defined?

This certainly does prove fraud but shouldn’t we have an investigation of this election and look for ways to improve election integrity so we all have faith in election results?

Terry Guanella,


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