To the editor,

I was quite surprised at the July 2018 Polk Co Public Safety / Highway Committee meeting on July 3rd. According to the agenda there was going to be a discussion about Meth issues in Polk Co. I attended the county meeting and was able to give a 3-minute public comment about my concerns of Meth in my neighborhood and the crimes related to the Meth epidemic here in Polk County.

I walked away from the meeting feeling that Chairman Jay Luke was not interested or concerned about the Meth problem and the criminal activity that Methheads create here in Polk County, Wi. Mr. Luke seemed to have an attitude that there was no Meth problem and I felt he wanted to pass the Meth epidemic problem off just solely to Polk County Health and Human Services Board.

The rehabilitation of Meth addicts might be a Health and Human Services issue, but the increase of crimes related to Meth use are a public safety issue. Obviously, Mr. Luke has not been a victim of a Meth related crime. I can see that if the citizens of Polk County want to take a public safety stand against the Meth epidemic, we’re going to have to do it ourselves and help the Polk County Sheriff’s Dept and the Drug Task force. We as citizens might have to start attending these Polk County Public Safety meetings and express are concerns during the public comment. You only get 3 minutes and I was not able to say a lot of what I wanted to say, not even sure if I got my message across.

I approached Mr. Luke after the meeting, but he still seemed uninterested in what I had the say or my ideas. In all fairness to Chairperson Luke there was a Polk County Jail tour and lunch with the Sheriff. I can see the concern about the operation and security of the Polk County Jail in light of the defenseless women that were taken advantage of sexually while incarcerated there, resulting in lawsuits against our County. It would have been nice of Chairperson Luke to at least let us hear what the Polk County Drug Investigators had to say, that where present at the Public Safety part of the meeting, but Mr. Luke shut that down too. Guess he needed a sandwich.

In my neighborhood there was been a couple Meth bust, an unsolved burglary, the dangerous unsafe discharge of firearms, aggressive dogs at large and the fire / safety hazards of illegal projectile fireworks being fired off right next to our house. We even had the bomb squad all the way from Marathon County Wi visit our neighborhood a few years ago. The only thing I can do is call the Sheriff’s Department and attend County meetings. One thing I know for sure, it is a Polk Co Public Safety issue. I will attend the next Health and Human Services Board meeting, I see on the agenda there is a presentation on the “Meth epidemic in Polk Co.” Maybe Public Safety will be addressed.

Jessee Mattocks

Balsam Lake, Wis.

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