To the editor:

During the late 80’s and early 90’s the beach and South Twin have been ignored. Strangely coinciding with a “no” vote on a school swimming pool. It seems the city council and school board have colluded. If we cannot even keep a beach open then how would we keep a pool open? Amery has great water resources for the public to enjoy, and they did a great Canal Park service by all the new decks and such, and opening more access areas around town to the public. But really not the beach?

I remember the milfoil harvester running along the lake collecting the milfoil, a chore but a job for anyone who can drive a tractor. The lifeguard, the swimming lessons, the diving raft. It was a gem for family opportunity. You could play tennis, eat off the picnic tables in the rain, swing etc...well today you just can’t swim.

Copper sulfate is used to kill shellfish’s “swimmer itch” that share a life-cycle in the poo of ducks. It takes two treatments a year for 3 years then just one after that I have investigated. It is also cheap and can be hand thrown from a boat.

So we can get back to opportunities for employment for the great town of Amery, we can also utilize the already existing showers/picnic grounds/playground area. If need to be, turn the tennis court into parking. Other options are is hiring a group of people to hand harvest the milfoil twice a year. Some new sand and landscaping improvements should also be made as the beachshould be expanded on both sides to maybe twice as long

The beach is both easily accessable by police and emergency vehicles as well.

I don’t live in Amery, but when I drive by I ask myself, “what happened, why doesn’t this town care?” I imagine grandparents taking the grandkids down to swim and play, it is the perfect spot, or a on-the-spin birthday party. Amery has the opportunity to take the beach back and make it the best city beach in the county! If we don’t use it we lose it.

Chad Roberts

Hinckley, Minn

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