We are well within the depths of autumn which means camera shutters are clicking, capturing everybody in the midst of nature’s bountiful colors and beauty. 

There is nothing I enjoy more than a nice looking family picture. When I look at a family’s stunning clan hanging on their wall or posted on social media, it warms my heart to see their closeness.

 I often wonder if the group tenderly sat and immediately smiled for the camera because just so we are clear, this has never once happened in the Ziemer household during a photo session.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If my family photo could talk, the thousand words would include phrases such as: “Mooooom, I can’t find my shirt.” “Why does she have to stand so close to me?” “Why can’t the dog be in this pose?” “Can we do a funny face picture?” and “How long is this going to take?”

During the photo shoot, my four kids can never just easily cooperate, look at the camera and smile. It is much more important for them to look over at one of their siblings to make sure they are following instructions.

My husband moans and groans acting like he just wants to get this over with, but if that were truly the case he wouldn’t add to the chaos. Nine times out of ten, he is the one making faces, looking away, and laughing. I am usually quite stressed before the session even starts and I sometimes wonder if  Josh has his own little hidden camera with a zoom lens focused in on my last nerve, so he can press it.

I try to keep my composure, but you do not know how badly I want to have a “freak out moment” where I can scream, “Do you really want to know how long this is going to take? This is going to last as long as it takes for us to look like one big happy freakin’ family-that’s how long!”

I am not innocent in all of the debauchery. I usually ask to look at the photo preview immediately where I then complain about the color scheme, somebody’s hair, or my weight.

I often wonder if all of the pandemonium is really worth it. Do we really need to send out Christmas cards this year?

Once things settle down I always thankful for two things. The number one thing that I am grateful for is the fact that someday Josh and I will look back at these keepsakes and wonder where the years went. We will reminisce about our times together and our kids will have the opportunity to playfully tease about the way we all looked. 

My sisters and I get multitudes of enjoyment looking back at our family photos. We enjoy seeing our dad’s mullet, our mom’s sweaters, Kelly’s glasses, and Lisa’s odd grins (I happen to always look timeless and fantastic).

You might be wondering what the other very important thing is that eases the pain of these family photo follies. Well I have only one word for you…Photoshop. If it would have existed years ago, I am certain that my Dad would not have looked like the “business in the front, party in the back” character that graces our albums today.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you, and look forward to readers sharing their thoughts in return.

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