April Ziemer, Editor

There have been times for each of us when we are around others and think, “These are my kind of people.” I have recently discovered a blogger by the name of Amy Weatherly and I have decided she is without a doubt “my kind of people.”

The first thing I ever read by Weatherly simply said, “You can’t be best friends with everyone. But you can notice everyone. You can make room for everyone. You can be kind and generous and thoughtful and sympathetic to everyone. You can smile at everyone. You can make eye contact with everyone. You can probably even offer a simple ‘hello’ to everyone.”

Those were very simple but powerful words. I say that because how simple would it be to start practicing these things and what a powerful difference could it make in each other’s lives if we started implementing it.

If we are going to talk about life resolutions, I guarantee you practicing this uncomplicated and genuine kindness would be easier for me than keeping up with my family’s dirty clothes pile or dusting my ceiling fan. I also believe it would provide more satisfaction. Besides even if all the clothes were clean, it would provide the next struggle, which is putting them away.

My kind of people, are people who stay in the car to listen to music a little bit longer. 

The ones who sing the wrong words at the wrong times, but sing loud anyway, are my favorites.

I think people who give you their cart when they are finished with it are great. 

I admire imperfect people with colorful pasts who may have made a bad choice or two but have learned lessons from it. 

I really dig great dancers, but I love bad dancers even more.

Most of all I like to hang out with people who make me forget to look at my phone. People who make me giggle until ugly tears appear or hold me in deep conversation whether it is really meaningful debate or not. It is at these momentss that it is not the words said that matter, but instead the time spent together. 

I do not like mean people. So much so, that they only get one line in this column.

I have decided the other reason Weatherly is “my kind of people” is because we enjoy the same type of people. She recently blogged, “I like people who begin by blurting out something overly personal. I like people who aren’t afraid to walk around with a stain on their shirt. I like people who ugly laugh at their own jokes. I like people who give compliments to strangers in the grocery store and who make friends when they are washing their hands in the bathroom.”

I not only like these people, but I want to be this person. I want to be able to sometimes have messy hair and a messy house and maybe even now and then, a messy mood. I want to feel it is ok to occasionally wear my heart on my sleeve. I want to rejoice in my success and even more in the success of others. I want to take chances, crazy chances and cheer on others when they do the same. 

I am totally the person who may not have the time or energy to talk to you everyday or even every week, but I promise you when we do it will seem like we were never apart from each other.

It is a mission to occasionally come in like a hurricane, crazy smile on my face and genuine compliments in hand, just for enough time to make a difference in the day of a friend or stranger, only to rush off to my next task so quickly that I leave them grinning and wondering, “What the heck was that?”

My hope is that I can say, “Mission complete” many a time.

I enjoy sharing my thoughts with you, and look forward to readers sharing their thoughts in return.

Feel free to email me at editor@theameryfreepress.com, write me at P.O. Box 424, Amery WI. 54001 or I can be reached by phone at 715-268-8101

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