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Cam Smith, Brett Forrest and Mac Smith with the last fundraiser.

Normally you might do a double take if you spotted a toilet in the front yard of a local home. If that is the case, you might be doing a few more double takes these days as the Amery High School Band received news beginning in June, two toilets started circulating around the Amery community.

These toilets are rumored to pop up all over the place and are sure to be the talk of the neighborhood.

It was announced last spring in December 2020; the Amery High School Band will embark on another one of their cherished band trips. This year’s destination is Florida.

Getting the band members to Florida will be costly and a variety of fundraising efforts have already been taking place. The latest, known as “You’ve Been Canned for the Band”, originated during fundraising for the 2016 band trip to New York City.

The Band Booster board was looking for new and creative ways to raise money. “Times were changing and a couple of our old fundraisers weren't in the cards any longer. So as we brainstormed and researched ideas that had worked in other parts of the country, we came upon the ‘You've Been Canned By the…’ idea. We changed it just a touched to be ‘Canned For’ and asked the students what they thought about it,” said Shayne Curtis.

Curtis said Camden and MacAdam Smith and Brett Forrest enthusiastically jumped on board and volunteered to move the toilets from place to place. Jessica Smith agreed to manage logistics and supervise the kids and it took off.

If you are thinking you have just the unsuspecting victim in mind, a donation of $25.00 will drop a can in their yard. Please remember toilets may not be set on public property or apartment complexes.

If a toilet does squat in your yard, the band will remove it for a recommended $15.00 donation.

“Last time most people found it to be all in fun and laughter, which is what we had hoped for. A few simply wanted the toilets removed quickly. Of course there are always some very proud lawn keepers who have friends that think it is funny to send toilets their way frequently,” said Curtis.

There is an option for those who are afraid they might wake up numerous mornings to find that once again they have been “canned.” A $40.00 insurance premium can be purchased to ensure a toilet does not land in your front yard.

Band members are looking forward to the trip south as an escape from Wisconsin’s winter weather. French horn player Chad Sarsland, said, “I am most excited about Disney World. It will be my first time there.”

100 % of donations from the “You’ve Been Canned” fundraiser will be put towards the Florida trip. If you are interested in canning a friend or purchasing insurance, please contact Cheri Sarsland at or 715-441-0126.

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