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Pictured is the 1932-33 Amery High School basketball team from “The Amerian.” Members of the team seated from left are: Lowell Brown, Harvey Miller, LeRoy Leadholm (Captain), Stanley Torgerson, and Leslie Route. Second row from left: Mr. Lien (Coach), Kenneth Miller, Alvin Framsted, Walter Dehler, Merton Rice, Howard Smiley and Mr. Heinsohn.

Amery’s American Legion Post #169 was named after George H. Larson when originally formed, honoring the first WWI soldier who was killed in action from the Amery area, later the name was changed adding Stanley Torgerson, an Amery man who gave his life during WWII.

The American Legion Post was organized and chartered in Amery during July 1919, named after Larson, who was killed September 1918 in France. He was the son of Mrs. Nels Larson and served as a private with Company C. 358 Infantry.

In 1947, the post’s name was changed to Larson-Torgerson. This honored Stanley Torgerson, who was the first area man to lose his life in WWII. He was killed on Sept. 14, 1943. Torgerson was 1st Lieutenant, Field Artillery.

Torgerson was born in Deronda Nov. 24, 1914 and moved to Amery in 1920. He graduated from Amery High School in 1933 and River Falls State Normal in 1939 after which he was an instructor at Hammond schools for two years.

He enlisted the service in July 1941 and left for overseas duty in May 1943, seeing action in Sicely and Italy.

October 30, 1943, Torgerson’s family received the Purple Heart awarded to him posthumously for military merit and for wounds received in action resulting in his death in Italy.

Torgerson was one of nine local men honored in a memorial service Feb. 11, 1945. Others recognized that day were: Marvin Carlson, Manville Martinson, Rupert Isaacson, Robert Lynch, Kenneth Butler, Alvin Preble, Burton Jones and Dale Johnson.

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