Sign showing .89 a gallon gas in Hager City, Wisconsin April 16.

While still one of the least expensive markets, Wisconsin saw a 27-cent jump in gas prices over the past week. 

Wisconsin is one of less than a dozen states that saw an increase in the past week.

A few weeks ago, two Wisconsin gas stations The 63 Express in Hagar City and 35 Express in nearby Maiden Rock were selling a gas for 89 cents per gallon, which was quoted by Fox News as being the cheapest gas in the entire United States.

The drop in prices can be attributed to the stay-at-home orders. “I’m pretty sure these wholesale prices and spot prices are as low as anything we’ve seen since before the Arab oil embargo” in the early 1970s, Tom Kloza, the head of global energy analysis at Oil Price Information Services, told CNBC. 

Wisconsin currently has one of the lowest gas price averages at around $1.46. Lower than the Badger state is Oklahoma with an average of $1.37, Arkansas at $1.39, Missouri at $1.44, Mississippi at $1.48.

The five highest gas price averages in the nation are the states of Hawaii with an average of $3.15, California at $2.74, Washington at $2.44, Oregon at $2.38 and Nevada at $2.31.

The national average is $1.78. Today’s average is a penny more expensive than last week, 16 cents less than a month ago and $1.11 cheaper than last year at this time.

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