It could be said the home of the Amery Dog Park is like a game of musical chairs. The current location near Minneapolis Avenue and Griffin Street sat vacant for years before the canines called it their home away from home. Recently a buyer for the property saw the Amery City Council looking at relocating the park to Soldier’s Field, but it too, now has a potential buyer.

Mayor Paul Isakson announced at the Nov. 4 City Council meeting he had been approached the prior evening by an individual who would like to purchase Soldier’s Field for housing. “He has plans ready. He will of course approach the Planning Commission at their next meeting to get everything set up to get started this spring. It’s quite a development, market-rate three bedroom apartments-two side by side. We’ll see what happens,” he said.

In other business, Bones McCarty read a letter from a resident who would like to see the Compost open for a longer amount of time during leaf season. The Mayor said they would put it on the calendar to bring it up again for discussion the early part of next fall.

The council approved the following:

Ordinance 08-2020, which creates a joint Municipal Court with Clear Lake, Clayton and Town of Black Brook.

Resolution 08-2020, Resolution Related for the Purpose of Adopting Policies for the Disposition of City-Owned Property in the City of Amery and 09-2020- Resolution Creating a Fire Committee for the Purpose of Fiscal and Operations Management of the Amery Fire Department.

SEH and Northland Surveying agreements for the design of segment two and the bidding of the construction project for the South Industrial Park Road.

There was employee wage discussion resulting in the approval of a two percent increase in 2021 for city employees, a salary of $72,800 for the Administrator/Clerk-Treasurer, a salary of $52,000 for the Deputy Clerk-Treasurer and $41.36/per hour for the Police Chief prior to the two percent adjustment.

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