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Lori Friendshuh and Amanda Fisk are excited for their new venture, a pop-up boutique named Proberbs 31. The store is located at 402 Keller Avenue South, within the building that homes Something Different Printing.

A chance conversation during a bible study, led two local moms to realize they had both been holding onto the same little dream. Lori Friendshuh and Amanda Fisk were living busy lives as wives and mothers, but decided together they could make their dream come true. Now Proverbs 31, a pop-up boutique located in downtown Amery, has become a reality.

“I mentioned to Amanda that I have always wanted to own a little boutique. She said, ‘Really? I have always wanted to do that too!’ As we chatted about it, we had a lot of similar ideas and we decided to run with it,” said Friendshuh.

Proverbs 31 is located at 402 Keller Ave. S. within the building that also holds Something Different Printing. The shop will feature clothing, goat milk soap and lotions, inspirational décor and unique one-of-a-kind accessories that cannot be found elsewhere. “If you see something you like, grab it up. With many things being one-of-a-kind, it might not be here the next time you return,” said Fisk. 

The pop-up boutique will carry Friendshuh’s line of Zyia activewear. “It is so comfortable it feels more like leisure wear,” said Friendshuh.

Fisk’s custom designs and tailoring business, Annisseau will be homed in Proverbs 31. Fisk admired Kathy Maxon as a streamstress. When Maxon became ill she started giving out Fisk’s phone number to people who needed alteration work done. Fisk hopes to be the type of person that Maxon was, and assist area residents with all of there alteration needs. For alterations call Fisk at 715-790-2361.

Their goal is to make all women feel comfortable and special when they shop with them. “We want them to feel welcome and leave happier,” said Friendshuh. They would like to encourage people to shop local and see this as their way of giving back. Currently the shop does not have standard hours. Stayed tuned to their Facebook page or website, www.proverbs31boutique.com to watch for open times. They hope to eventually have regular hours, but right now they are content to be two moms taking the steps to fulfilling their dreams.


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