Two people have been charged with numerous crimes in connection with the investigation of an alleged drug house in Clayton. 

Leonard Wohlwend, 51 and 38-year-old Sharilynn Wirth have both been charged with maintaining a drug trafficking place, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug paraphernalia. 

According to the criminal complaint, a controlled substance search warrant was issued May 31 for 302 Pershing Street Clayton. The warrant was a part of an ongoing investigation in which a roommate of primary occupants Wohlwend and Wirth had been arrested earlier in the day with approximately 26 grams of meth. The same roommate had sold meth to an informant on at least one occasion at the residence. Wohlwend and Wirth were the only people present at the time the warrant was executed. 

During the search it was determined that Wohlwend and Wirth share a bedroom and that she had her own room for personal effects. In the room belonging to only Wirth a bubble pipe was located on a shelf with a significant amount of residue testing positive for meth.

In the shared bedroom, a cut straw was found containing a significant amount of residue that also tested positive for meth. Other cut straws were located in that room and multiple items of meth related paraphernalia were located in the bedroom belonging to the roommate. 

According to the complaint, during conversation with the investigator, Wirth said she and Wohlwend use meth. She said two people were at her house earlier in the day using meth. She said they were aware the roommate was selling meth from their house and said meth sales were made in their presence on more than one occasion.

Wohlwend and Wirth each face up to $25,000 in fines and seven years in prison if convicted.

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