Two juveniles were released to their parents and two others were arrested after a Riverside Boulevard resident witnessed and reported the group attempting to enter her vehicle.

According to the criminal complaint, 17 year-old Anthony Hanson-Wall is being charged with Attempt Misdemeanor Theft-As Party To A Crime and Obstructing An Officer. 17 year-old Damon Triebold is facing four counts: Misdemeanor Theft, Obstructing An Officer, Misdemeanor Bail Jumping and Felony Bail Jumping.

The police officer’s report from the October 13th incident indicates that the Amery Police Department was dispatched to Riverside Boulevard after receiving the complaint. They were told that the group had fled after being yelled at by the car owner. An officer located the juveniles on Hyland Street. Triebold explained where the bunch was coming from and going to, but the officer states that the area they were in was not near the route they should have been on. Triebold stated he wasn’t aware that Hanson-Wall was going to try to access the car. 

Another from the bunch stated that they were out breaking into cars and Hanson-Wall stated they were just hanging out and did not admit to knowing anything about the theft. 

After speaking to the reporting car owner, the officers learned that the person attempting to open the car was wearing a gray sweatshirt that matched the clothing of Triebold. The victim said that another male was peering into the windows acting as a “lookout” and was wearing a red sweatshirt that would match the clothing worn by Hanson-Wall.

If convicted, Hanson-Wall could face up to 13 months in prison and a fine of up to $15,000. 

Triebold if convicted on four counts, could be facing 8 years and three months in prison, as well as up to $40,000 in fines.

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