Shawn Doerfler

Shawn Doerfler

The purchase of the land located across from Amery High School has been discussed at two prior Board of Education meetings. Approval to buy the land was given at the Feb. 15 meeting after District Administrator Shawn Doerfler read a resolution to purchase.

Before approval, board member Char Glenna had a few questions. “The nine building sites that are on the property, the intent is to do CTE houses there, correct?”

Doerfler responded, “That we be part of what we would do, yes.”

Glenna asked when those building projects would start. Doerfler said it would be the year after next, as they one they are currently working on would need to be finished first, as well as the one slated next to it.

Glenna asked, “Are we planning long-term to fill all of these lots or not? Are we going to build a house every year?”

“Right now we have built a home each of the last four years. There is talk of trying to do something a little slower and a little more extravagant, as in a larger home, a different format,” said Doerfler. He said the first home the students built was 1,700 square feet, the second was about the same and the current one is a bit bigger with a different design. He said the topography of the lots on the considered land purchase also plays a part in what is done with the future houses to be built. “The intent is to continue to build. To say what is too far out,” Doerfler said.

Board member Erin Hosking asked if the entirety of the land was locked into any specific plans. She asked, “There is a discussion of lots to build houses, there is Derrick Meyer’s idea of doing a school farm, other possibilities exist. At this point we are just talking about acquiring the land so that we have it and we can continue to discuss?”

Doerfler said the resolution is just to purchase the land. What to do with it would be the next big conversation. “I think there needs to be more folks than myself and the Board in that conversation because there are lots of good ideas that I have heard from people that work here and live here.”

He reminded this is the last adjacent property to the school district available, with that the purchase was approved.

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