Both Freedom and Holdiday gas stations in Amery are now under the ownership of Applegreen plc. 

Two Amery gas stations are now operating under new ownership, but it does not seem customers should notice many differences. 

Freedom located at 237 Keller Avenue South and Holiday located at 1000 Riverplace Drive is now run by Applegreen plc.

It was announced in June that Applegreen plc had agreed to buy a leasehold interest in some forecourt retail assets of Lehigh Gas Wholesale LLC and CrossAmerica Partners LP, located in Michigan, Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The gas stations operator said it entered into an initial ten-year agreement to lease the property assets and commence trade at the service stations.

The assets comprised a total of 46 stations. Applegreen has these operations being managed by its existing management team based in the northeast US.

"Following significant acquisitions on the east coast of the US in the past two years, we are delighted to announce our first major acquisition in the Midwest," said Chief Executive Bob Etchingham.

"We believe that this acquisition represents an opportunity to establish a significant presence in another market in the US while leveraging our existing management and operational capabilities," added Etchingham.

Applegreen is a retailer with many locations in the Republic of Ireland, the United Kingdom and the United States. The company has approximately 472 sites across the three countries and has approximately 10,700 employees. 

Applegreen is the number one Motorway Service Area operator in the Republic of Ireland and the number two Motorway Service Area operator in the United Kingdom.

The company’s website said, “From humble beginnings in 1992, Applegreen started with the opening of our first service station in Ballyfermot, West Dublin. From there, under the stewardship of CEO Bob Etchingham and COO Joe Barrett, Applegreen expanded in Ireland, growing year on year.

We have been growing our sites and spreading our warm Irish welcome across the North East and South East of the United States. We always strive to look after the needs of our customers, long distance travelers, tourists, and locals alike. It’s in our nature to make a positive contribution to the communities we serve.”

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