There has never been an easy answer when it comes to the fate of the Amery Classic Theater. During the January meeting of the Amery City Council, it was shared that the most recent attempt to purchase and fix up the theater has fallen through. “As far as the Amery Theater goes, we have had quite a bit of discussion with an interested party that wanted to buy it. The loan that it is going to take to fix it up to usable conditions would be more than the building is worth when he is done. So we are going to think outside of the box on how we can save that building,” said Mayor Isakson.

Also during the meeting, a new police officer hiring was approved by the council and Joshua Tyler is slated to start full time February 4. Tyler has been doing part time work for the cities of Amery and St. Croix Falls. 

Shawn Doerfler has stepped down from the Amery Public Library Board. The council approved for his spot to be filled by two individuals, Annie Braaten and Greta McCarty.

Gloria Lansin approached the board to make them aware that Design Amery will take place April 2-4, 2020. Design Amery will see the University of Wisconsin Extension Office coming to town to suggest what can be improved in Amery economically and aesthetically. “Everyone in the School District of Amery is welcome. We want ideas from kids, adults, everyone. What do you want to see in Amery?” said Lansin.

Secondly, Lansin reminded everyone to take the online Polk County Recycling Survey. “The Woman’s Club is also doing a petition that we have been circulating around town. We have a lot of signatures and we are going to turn that into the County. This is our chance at saving the recycling center that I think benefits everyone in the county,” she said.

Teresa Anderson from MSA gave updates on the Keller Avenue project. “One major thing that has risen to the surface is that one block of your city sidewalk had the street widened out but the right of way was never widened out. So what has been being considered public sidewalk is actually located on private property. Because you have federal funds going toward the construction of this project through the CDBG grant a procedure has to be followed for property acquisition,” she said.

She said project construction would start in the spring of 2021. The Department of Transportation project will start in October 2021. Alderman Rick Van Blaricom questioned whether a local surveyor could submit a proposal for the sidewalk property acquisition. Anderson said they could. “I would like to see someone who pays taxes in the city have a shot at it,” Van Blaricom said.

Mayor Paul Isakson shared the City had received communications from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation concerning the Highway 46 pavement rehabilitation project. “The state is going to mill and overlay the pavement from 64 to Amery’s Snow Street in the summer of 2022. Besides next summer having our main street torn up, the following summer the lead to Amery from the South will be torn up,” he said.

Isakson said he will be writing a letter to all business owners on main street to get suggestions of how to move forward with the back alley improvement relating to the shut down of Keller Avenue in 2021. “That would included updates to your back door and entrance area, signage and whatever else has to be done. Give your suggestions moving forward to make it as easy as possible for everyone. Your suggestions will greatly help,” he said.

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