Public comments during Polk County Board of Supervisors meetings in August were a topic of debate. Chair Chris Nelson suggested they should stop verbal public comments and only allow written. In the weeks since the meeting, County Clerk Lisa Ross received over 50 written comments defending the right to have verbal comments at the meeting.

Not all Supervisors agreed with Nelson’s wishes, but did ultimately approve removing a rider in an unrelated rule of order, changing resolution that supports the spoken comment decision, which will be discussed in the future.

Also approved were a resolution to modify the procedures in the county rules of order concerning the lack of policy when it comes to vacancies left by supervisors. The country recently had two vacancies at the same time when Supervisor, Jim Edgell passed away and Supervisor, Brian Masters announced he was moving out of state. This left Chair Chris Nelson to appoint the seats to Sharon Kelly-District 8 and Dan Ruck-District 6. The change in procedure now requires a two-thirds vote for approval. The Polk County Executive Committee will assist in in the process of reviewing candidates and the board chair would nominate the chosen candidate, who would then need the two-thirds vote.

The board approved a resolution supporting veterans outreach, a resolution to urge the state to push for phone fees supporting 911 dispatching improvements, a Balsam Lake zoning change, Public Hearing for the 2021 budget and a resolution bumping the Act 150 municipal library reimbursement up five percent, from 90 to 95.

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