One of the newspapers in the Twin Cities used to have (and occasionally still has) a section called SAINTED or TAINTED in which readers could submit anecdotes about persons who had done something commendable, or, on the contrary, committed an act which invited chastisement. Borrowing this idea, I’d like to give an account of an anonymous person in the Amery area who recently demonstrated that he definitely fits in the SAINTED category. Last Friday our local Knights of Columbus organization was using the brat stand trailer at Dick's Fresh Market for the purpose of raising money for our Children's Winter Clothing Drive and other charitable endeavors. In the morning we were having some trouble getting the grill to heat sufficiently, but were eventually able to get it firing satisfactorily enough to begin to do some cooking. However, about noon, and at the busiest time for selling brats, the problem with the grill resurfaced and the burners would not re-ignite. As our K of C workers were discussing the dire situation and wondering how to stay in business since the supply of cooked brats was almost gone just as business was really picking up, some gentleman who had stopped to purchase a brat apparently overheard the discussion of the dilemma. He left, but within a short time returned and asked for assistance in unloading from his vehicle a brand new $400 Weber grill which he had just purchased at Amery Farm and Home Hardware. He then soon departed, saying only that our workers should "Enjoy it", and that he did not wish to give his name or receive any special thanks or recognition. No one at the brat stand knew him, but an employee of Dick's said that this individual had been in the store on numerous occasions so he was probably a local resident. Nevertheless, Mr. Anonymous Gentleman, if you should read this letter, know that your exceptional generosity was very much appreciated, and we know that you are truly a Sainted individual who saved the day for us. The grill will continue to function as a necessary and welcome part of Dick's brat trailer and will be thankfully used by the many community organizations that take advantage of this facility. Thanks again to a special Saint.

Marvin Nevala, Amery Knights of Columbus

P.S. SAINTED is also a label that can be conferred upon the public-spirited management of Dick's Market that provides without cost the food-dispensing trailer that is used by many local charities and non-profit organizations seeking fund-raising opportunities. This civic mindedness is truly appreciated.

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