Construction projects over the summer will provide a fresh look in two schools when students return to school this fall.

Newly paved parking lots surround the Amery High School. The High School’s beige bleachers have been replaced with updated sets. The new bleachers sport Amery red with the letters AHS displayed on seating areas of bleachers when they are down. The white lettering boldly displays while the bleachers are folded up as well.

Referendum money provided for distinct changes at Lien Elementary. The Elementary school boasts the biggest changes, featuring a variety of revisions that provide for an updated appearance. Upon entering the school, glass display cases are being replaced with a television. Office personnel will be able to run messages, graphics and photos across the screen, which will be surrounded by contemporary rock panels. Wood paneling in the entrance area will now be glass to give the appearance of a more open space.

Soundproofing panels, which were installed into the cafeteria in 1965, have been painted and repainted throughout the years causing them to become inefficient. The outdated panels have been replaced with larger acoustical panels. New LED strip lighting was also installed in the cafeteria, using half of the energy the previous lighting used, while brightening up the large space with more natural illumination. The gymnasium has also had new lighting and soundproofing boards installed.

Various sections of flooring received changes. Hallways were ground down to original rock and covered with clear coating. New flooring was also dispersed in different areas of the office.

Updated water fountains including one with a bottle filling station were installed.

Perhaps the most obvious change when walking down the halls are the brand new wider lockers and the removal of wood paneling that used to frame the top of the previous lockers.

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