Amery Schools

Starting in July, the School District of Amery campus will be open for activities, such as use of the High School Weight Room. There are new rules for such use, which will be made available to students via social media and email.

In a resolution the board approved the use of school equipment and premises for all school and non-school groups and organizations. 

They will allow the public to use the outdoor facilities of the district, such as the school forest, playgrounds, and athletic facilities. The district will allow school-sponsored events and activities to take place on the school campus and in school buildings where the district has created a plan for those events to be socially distanced. 

They will also allow non-school sponsored events and activities to take place on the school campus of the Amery Schools where those leading such events and activities have provided the district with a plan for how these events will be socially distanced.

The School District of Amery will participate in Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic

Association (WIAA) athletics when co-curricular activities are allowed to resume and fully understanding that all orders from the WIAA regarding such events will be followed.

Doerfler said later in the week, the district would be hosting a Polk County Administrators meeting for all nine school districts within the county. 

“The timing is gratuitous in that the guidance for reopening schools in the fall came out this morning,” he said.

“The guidance is 87 pages long. We are not going to sift through 87 pages, but what we are trying to do is come up with a unified response as a county,” said Doerfler.

District Administrators and school nurses will meet with Brian Kaczmarski from the Polk County Health Department to go over the topics of:

• DPI guidance on school reopening

• Protocol for positive COVID‐19 cases with students and staff

• July and August events

• Summer school

• Graduation

• Fall athletics

• Bus transportation

• Food service

• In-person instruction / virtual instruction

“These are items that affect every single district in the entire state, quite frankly every single district in the nation. We have to come up with how we feel about it and perhaps how to respond. Some of them we have already acted on,” said Doerfler.

“There is a lot to figure out. I don’t expect that all of us will be on the same page because those are nine districts with nine sets of unique circumstances, but it is nice to see what other people are doing. We are borrowing from each other excessively,” he said.

Doerfler said now that they have guidance from the Department of Public Instruction (DPI) he is hopeful a plan can be created to bring to the board in terms of what school will look like in the fall. He expects a plan will be rolled out to the public after July’s School Board meeting.  He said, “This is subject to change. This thing as been a moving target all along. It has been fast moving, so it could be very different now than it is in a month; we just don’t know.”

When going over the Spring AGR Performance Report, Intermediate School Principal Oralee Schock said, “Although the school district designated many tools and resources needed in order to provide an effective education to our students during the COVID-19 shut-down, it certainly isn’t anything we would want to repeat. We believe there is no replacement to face-to-face education, not only for our students and staff, but for our families as well. We are and will continue to be concerned about the mental health of our families, students and caretakers alike. We are all hopeful that in the fall, the students will be back.”

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