Terry Schad

What started as a three month temporary fill-in position, turned into a 20-year gig for Terry Schad with the Amery Housing Authority. Friday May 31st will be the start of a new chapter for Schad as she walks out the door of Evergreen Village and enters into retirement.

She feels the most rewarding part of her years at Evergreen has been the opportunity she has had to meet so many wonderful seniors and their family members. “That has made my life here very enjoyable,” said Schad. She has enjoyed learning so much about the tenants and listening to their stories. “I have really loved spending time with them,” she said.

She doesn’t think there have been many changes during her 20-year stint other than some cosmetic updates to the building. Schad said, “From the start we have tried to provide a home setting for people who live here and that has always continued. They thrive feeling like they are part of a community.”

Schad had many years of nursing experience before she and her husband moved to Amery 28 years ago. She has enjoyed meeting so many great people in Amery and is happy that in adulthood her children have stayed in the area. 

When asked what played a part in her decision to retire Schad said, “Well number one, I turned sixty-five. My husband has been retired for five years, so that was a prompter. I figured it is time to start enjoying life.” Her plans in retirement include working in her garden, traveling, reading and spending time with her husband, four children and six grandchildren.

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