Doug Rinehart had a large group of supporters who joined him Monday, August 19, for the groundbreaking of the Dick’s Fresh Market renovation. 

A large group gathered Monday, August 19 to witness the groundbreaking of the Dick’s Fresh Market renovation. With that first scoop of dirt, shopping, as Dick’s customers know it, is about to change. 8,000 square feet holding an expanded deli and produce section, a walk-in beer and wine cooler, an updated center store, larger dairy and frozen sections, a Caribou popcorn and coffee kiosk topped off with a whole new front curbside façade is what customers have to look forward to.

During the groundbreaking for the Dick’s Fresh Market renovation, owner Doug Rinehart said, “If you would have told me I would have been standing here 22 years ago, I would have never believed it. My focus for this wonderful community is to bring a state of the art grocery store so they will never have to think about going anywhere else. This community deserves it; the people have been absolutely wonderful to my business, my employees and me. We have always been all about giving back and taking care of our communities. As nerve racking as this is; it is so exciting.”

Ross and Associates will begin construction right after Labor Day. “We are doing as much as we can local, that is just the way I roll,” said Rinehart. The complete shell should be up the beginning part of November. Rinehart said, “One thing I do ask is for people to stay patient with us, we are moving things that have been here for thirty years and it is going to be crazy, if you have ideas, I would love to hear them.”

Because they do not want to see too much disruption in the store over the holidays, major renovations will take place January through March. “Amery has a lot of tourism and really grows in the summer so we are hoping to be finished with everything in April with a May Grand Opening so we can start the summer off with a bang,” said Rinehart.

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