A truck equipped with OnStar helped law enforcement catch up to a stolen vehicle July 24. As a result, Austin Patchen, 24, Fridley, MN, Cody Kraimer, 24, Columbia Heights, MN, Kyla Marchaud, 19, Anoka, MN. and Suji Godo, 20, homeless, are now charged with crimes including reckless driving, possession of stolen property, obstructing, fleeing, possession of methamphetamine and possession of paraphernalia.

According to the probable cause report, Polk County dispatch received information at approximately 8:47 a.m. a stolen vehicle had been detected by OnStar operating in Polk County. They were tracking the vehicle using GPS and had identified the Chevrolet Silverado on 120th Avenue and 120th Street, heading eastbound. 

Deputies made their way eastbound on Highway 8 while being informed the vehicle was making several course corrections. 

Law enforcement turned north on County Road D. Deputies were informed OnStar could reduce the vehicle’s power upon their request. Deputies caught up to the truck with Minnesota plates and verified the information with the Anoka County Sheriff’s Department, the agency who originally reported the vehicle stolen. They then activated their emergency lights and sirens.

Allegedly the vehicle accelerated quickly reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph and drove through a work zone at what was considered a high and unsafe speed, according to deputies. The truck drove around workers who were clearing storm damage.

OnStar was able to cut power to the vehicle after approximately 4 miles and it came to a stop by driving into the ditch. The vehicle had heavily tinted windows, but deputies could see shadows moving around in the vehicle. 

According to the report, many attempts were made from the time of stop to order the occupants out of the vehicle, taking an hour to before they exited. “A loud voice, the use of a PA and finally, the use of the vehicle’s own satellite phone system was used through OnStar. The occupants finally spoke with the sergeant via the phone system and through several minutes of negotiating, finally exited the vehicle through the back passenger door.”

The truck was searched and located was a pipe commonly used to smoke meth, which also contained a small amount of white residue testing positive for meth. Also located was a pipe commonly used to smoke marijuana and a small baggy found with marijuana odor and residue inside, which tested positive for THC.

All suspects were transported to the Polk County Jail. Each stated they were not the driver and would not give any information regarding how they were found in a stolen vehicle. All parties were charged with the six crimes and have preliminary hearings the beginning of August. If convicted on all charges, the four face up to 23 years in prison and $37,000 in fines.

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