A unanimous vote by current school board members saw Chelsea Whitley keeping her seat as President of the Amery School Board. The vote took place at the beginning of May’s regular meeting. Unanimous votes also placed Keith Anderson as the board’s Vice President, Dale Johnson as Secretary and Char Glenna has the board’s Treasurer.

The board thanked Doug Rinehart and Amery Express for an Angel Fund donation of $749.39. The money was a donation from the Warrior Pride Gas Pumps located at the station.

The approved purchases for playground materials and math curriculum for grades 4K-5.

Eleven students open enrolling into the School District of Amery for the 2019/2020 school year were approved. 27 students open enrolling out of the district were also approved.

Personnel action taken during the later part of the meeting had new contracts approved for Joshua Gould, High School Principal; Shannin Henningsgard, Elementary Music Teacher and High School Choir Director; Hope Larson Grades 3-5 Music Teacher and Grade 6 Band Teacher and Brittney Miller, Grade 2 Teacher. 

A non-renewed contract was approved for Grade 2 Teacher, Ashley Hutton.

Resignations were approved for Meredith Enjaian as Middle School Student Council Advisor and Megan Peterson, High School/Intermediate School Art.

Retirements announced were Suzi Gehrman, a Van and Bus Driver and Tammy Wassberg, Title I Paraeducator.

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