The top sketch depicts the new Bremer building from Keller Avenue, looking south. The bottom depicts the structure from the corner of Keller Avenue and Baker Street. Not shown is the additional parking and two-lane drive thru on the building’s west side.

The bank sitting on the corner of Keller Avenue and Maple Street in Amery has seen various changes throughout the years. The structure itself and the name have seen some variations. Now Bremer Bank will call a different corner home-Keller Avenue and Baker Street.

Earlier this month, members of the Bremer design team unveiled their plan for the new building at Amery’s City Council meeting.  The bank is proposed be built where the current Toftness Chiropractic building sits.

Dave Anderson, a member of the development team working on the new Bremer Bank project said before City Council, they met with the planning commission. 

Planning Commission Chairperson Mike Karuschak Jr., Mayor Paul Isakson and members Linda Millermon, Paul Shafer, Julie Riemenschneider and Stan Proden were presented via Zoom, the plans for the new Bremer Bank. The Commission expressed concerns about traffic flow on Baker Street and the timeline for construction and demolition of the current building that sits in the location. Millermon did motion to approve and Shafer seconded, moving it forward to the City Council.

John Fahning from Bremer said the first major step of the process was the sale of their current building to the City of Amery, which took place a few weeks ago. 

During the City Council presentation it was shown that an “Entrance Only” drive will be located off of Keller Avenue. The north side of the building will feature seven parking stalls as well as the main entrance to the bank. An entrance and exit would be available off of Harriman Avenue, which would lead to extra parking and the two lane drive-thru area. An “Exit Only” curb cut is set between the establishment and Baker Street. 

The square footage of the building is just below 6,000 square feet. There are current electrical lines to the south of the property, which there are hopes of relocating underground, but the building has been designed so that signage will still be visible should they stay in the current state.

The council held some discussion concerning the Wisconsin Department of Transportation turning down the proposed entrance to the facility off of Keller Avenue. Mayor Paul Isakson said, “I sacrificed our entrance into Soo Line Park near the water fountain. I said the city would trade that exit/entrance out of the park there. I want to make sure that is ok with everyone if that is what helps gets this entrance.” He said he realizes the exit/entrance at Soo Line was handy to have, but wondered if it was really necessary. Council members agreed.

Dale Walter, Wisconsin Region Leader of the Amery build project said, “We have proudly served the Amery community for more than 100 years, and we are excited to reinvest in the location, talent and leadership in the Amery marketplace as the new building project takes shape.”

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