Clerk of Court vacancies have become somewhat common lately in Polk County. The recent resignation of Joan Ritten has led to the reassignment of some positions in Polk County and on Tuesday, January 21, Sharon Jorgenson was sworn in by Judge Jeffery Anderson as the county’s newest Clerk of Courts. 

Ritten, was elected as Clerk of Courts in November 2018. Previous to being elected, she had filled in twice, completing the terms for clerks who had prematurely left their positions.

Jorgenson resigned her elected position as Polk County Clerk Friday, Jan. 17, which allowed her to be appointed to the open Polk County Clerk of Courts position. Jorgenson worked as Deputy Clerk of Courts from 2012 until she was elected County Clerk.

“I am happy to join the very competent staff in the Clerk of Circuit Court Office who provide valuable support in multiple areas and are the backbone of the office. While the position of Clerk of Circuit Court is an essential role, the dedicated staff in the office are very vital in day to day operations. They are literally the lifeline of an organization and I am very thankful for them! I worked in the Clerk of Court office from 2012 to 2016 previously and am currently in the process of getting up to speed on the e-filing process and refreshing my knowledge in other areas as well. I hope to foster a cohesive team environment where employees use their unique strengths and talents for individual growth as well as allowing the office to continue to flourish and improve,” said Jorgenson.

Polk County Board of Supervisors was left with the task of appointing someone to fill the remainder of Jorgenson’s 2020 County Clerk term. The board chose Lisa Ross, who had been working as Deputy County Clerk.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to jump into the County Clerk role and for the confidence and support I’ve received from the Board of Supervisors and from Administrator Netherland as well as from my coworkers and from the public.  I’m especially grateful to Stephanie Fansler and Marilyn Blake (who both retired from this office last year) for coming back to assist our office as temporary help as we are transitioning.  I’ve thrived in past work experiences that have had unexpected transitions similar to this and I’m excited for the challenges ahead,” said Ross.


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