Summer Wed

If you are in need of a warm thought to carry you through the upcoming frigid days, a bit of information shared at November’s City Council meeting might be just what you are looking for. 

Woody McBride spoke to attendees of the council meeting and announced that in 2020 with partnership from The City of Amery, an exciting new weekly

Summer Concert Series at Michael Park Pavilion will be starting called “Summer Wednesdays.”

After growing up as an event producer at the legendary First Avenue Music Club in Minneapolis, McBride moved to the St. Croix Valley in 2001. He said, “The beauty and opportunity in the area helped me cultivate a wonderful business producing public events in The Valley and greater TC Metro. Each year we produce many community events, festivals, corporate events, county fair concerts - and at the heart of what we do is producing successful summer concert series’ in St. Croix Falls, Forest Lake and Barron.”

McBride said after moving to an area north of Amery in 2018 from St. Croix Falls, spending time in town, meeting so many interesting creative people here and recently getting wind that there was public interest in the “weekly summer concert” concept, he was happy to put a proposal together for The City of Amery and it was a great fit. McBride said, “The city has granted us start up funds to launch the series with some remaining sponsorship fundraising to do to complete the budget to do it right. Our family business sees this as a great new chapter for the area and hopes to help community groups and other creative enterprises and businesses with the series.

I am grateful and pretty dang lucky to call producing high-quality Summer Concerts and Family Fun my career - and Summer Wednesdays will be very enjoyable at your lovely band shell. That was one of the reasons The City was so excited about this idea. The excellent Michael Park Pavilion/Danielson Stage and Band shell was under utilized. Also, young families are looking for more things to do during the summer weeks.”

McBride’s plans include Summer Wednesdays, which will include music, movies, food and family fun at Michael Park Pavilion. He said, “We have 13 Wednesdays to work with and will feature a wide variety of local and regional musicians, bands and performers. It is nice to have 13 weeks to cover a lot of musical and entertainment territory - Rock, country, blues, jazz, comedy, soul & funk, top-notch copy-cat tribute shows and more.”

He said they are hoping to recruit local musicians and personalities to be part of the fun. “If you are out there please reach out to us. We would love to see a community band, youth performers, life long residents with talents - even if it just one song,” McBride said. The full line up will be announced in January 2020.

“We will be featuring local sponsors for each week’s program and will start the sponsorship drive this month. Interested sponsors can contact or call 612-385-4598,” he said.

McBride said they have tentative plans to partner with the Amery Police Department to reanimate the Kids & Family Movie Nights. These would be held hold on the third Wednesdays during the week of the Music On The River nights.

As far as food goes, McBride said, “It is nice to have food at a community event to complete the experience and we will give local groups and organizations first dibs on vending for their fund raisers and fill in the open dates with a local restaurant or food truck.”

McBride said, “It is obvious to us and the City Of Amery that this is at all possible due to the hard work, great production and visioning that the Amery Community Club and Music on the River has done. The one thing I know is that the local business community, their employees and their networks of family and friends is what really drives a community happening like this. You see it at your Fall Festival and you see it at your fundraisers. Those people that work hard every day to invest in their community are the ones that really make this happen with generosity and sponsorship. Yes, we have a really nice sound system, the ability to book great talent and present it professionally but it’s this bigger partnership with private and public funds that makes it a success.”

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