Although the City of Amery has no elections to its council this spring, in-towners will still have a vote to make for School Board and out-of-towners have township decisions to make.

Running unopposed, Incumbents Keith Anderson and Char Glenna will be on the ballot for the School District of Amery.

Clayton has Rebecca Mumm seeking re-election. Thomas Cuper has choosen not to seek re-election. New candidates are Shanna Roe and Jeremy Grosskreutz.

Clear Lake sees Incumbents Christy Kobernick and Nettie Groat running unopposed.

Other races are as follows:

Alden: Mike Riley is running against Incumbents Ted Johnson and Greg Frost for Supervisor seats. Town Chair Keith Karpenski is running unopposed.

Apple River: Chair Rick Scoglio is not running for another term. He nominated Kerry Bryan for the seat. Incumbents Bryan, Ansel Johnson and Treasurer Janice Carlson are also running for re-election. Also on the Supervisor ballot is Austin Duncan and Chad King.

Black Brook: Chair Charlie Barney will not be seeking re-election. Incumbent Supervisor Erik Henningsgard is seeking that seat. Dale Wood is running for Supervisor as is Incumbent George Fowler, Treasurer Cynthia Nelson and Clerk Sally Pickard unopposed.

Clayton Township: Incumbent William Vanda is on the ballot for Town Chair as are Incumbents Arling Olson, Roger Olson, Clerk Tracy LaBlanc and Treasurer Deborah Elmer-all unopposed.

Village of Clayton: Incumbent President Joe Berghammer is up against Jenny Bergmann. Incumbents seeking re-election are Karrie Drinkman, Cris Casarez and Cassie Robinson. Challenger Jason D. Anderson is also running.

Clear Lake Township: Incumbent Supervisors Richard Buhr, Larry Reindahl and Arthur Bergmann-all unopposed.

Village of Clear Lake: President Roger LaBlanc is running unopposed. Trustees Pete Cogbill and Michael Flaherty are as well. Trustee Craig Moriak is not, which will leave a vacant seat.

Garfield: Seeking re-election are Chair Edward Gullickson, Supervisors Donald Mork and George Stroebel, Clerk Sue Knutson and Treasurer JoAnn Erickson-all unopposed.

Lincoln: Incumbents all running un-opposed are Chair Jay Luke and Supervisors Dick Waterman and Ace Carlson.

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