Sheriff Brent Waak came before the Polk County Board during the regular June meeting to share news about three recent donations to his department.

“We have graciously been given several donations over the past couple of months at the Sheriff’s Office. The Robert Brown family donated $7,700 to be put towards our drone program. At the committee meeting Chairman Luke referenced that his family has traditionally been such supporters of our county and he recognized that back in his time as Sheriff they were actively donating to us,” Waak said. He called the donation a real lifesaver as newer technology assists many department projects including quickly and effectively finding lost residents.

Next came the announcement of a donation of $3,300 from the Criminal Justice Collaboration Counsel (CCJC) to apply toward a jail technology cart, which includes a large screen television, computer and camera on a cart at the jail to be used for a variety of programs. 

“This is the second generous donation the CCJC has given us,” he said.

The third donation was in the amount of $1,000 from the Northern Pines Mounted Search and Rescue, to be utilized in a search and rescue capacity, which they will apply to the drone program.

“I had the pleasure of working with the Northern Pines Mounted Search and Rescue group several times when I worked as a Deputy and as a Sergeant. They were always a fantastic group to work with,” he said.

Waak said, “It has been wonderful to have our community step up offer us these donations.”

The board shared his sentiments, thanking donors and approving the donations unanimously.

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