Full Gandy Relay

The Friends of Gandy is excited to announce a Full Gandy Relay, which is likely the most unique people powered event to ever take place on the trail. Participants were scheduled to complete the entire 47.7 miles of trail between St. Croix Falls and Danbury, WI on August 29th. However, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the relay has gone virtual. Relay participants now have a greater window of time in which to complete the Full Gandy Relay between August 15 and September 13, 2020.

Teams of two to four (or solo) will cover 47.7 miles in sections pre-designated for running, biking and hiking. The relay features 7 segments: 3 sections are for running with distances ranging from 5-6.2 miles, 3 segments for biking with a range of 8-11.1 miles, and one segment is a 2.1 mile hike. Your team decides which segments each member will take. Team members ages 16 and older must have a state trail pass, available at several different locations, found on our website.

Participants are asked to document photos of their adventure during the relay. Once times and photos are submitted, race shirts and certificates of completion will be sent. For more information and to register visit: GandyDancerTrail.org. The Friends of Gandy suggests a donation of $25 per person to register.

Special thanks to Schaffer Manufacturing in Milltown for sponsoring the relay. The Friends of Gandy Dancer’s mission is to promote, maintain and enhance the Gandy Dancer State Trail for people-powered activities. See you on the Gandy!

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