To promote their heritage, restore their almost 100-year-old Nott fire engine and give it a permanent place to be displayed, firefighters voted at their last meeting to donate $500.00 to the “Save a Nott” fund. 

During the August meeting of the Amery City Council, Chief Dale Koehler said, “The firefighters felt strongly about this and wanted to start donations toward the project off with their $500.00. We have had some private individuals donate and that is appreciated as well.” He said it is a possibility the Nott engine will make an appearance at the Music on the River Aug. 16. “With that project we wanted to remind community members that as your older relatives get to the age where they are moving out of their homes, please keep in mind that we would like anything related to the fire department. We do not care if it is an old hat, uniform top, lanterns or pictures of fires. Please make arrangements to donate it to the fire hall. We want to have a display at the fire station of those old items. Over the years they have been given away and we would like to have them back. We don’t want it to go into a dumpster. If you have things, you can drop them off at City Hall and we will pick them up as soon as we can,” said Koehler.

He also said the department stayed busy until 3 a.m. providing mutual aid to other departments during July 19’s storm. “We will receive some reimbursement from the Declaration of the Emergency Disaster Area. That will be reimbursed to the city for wages and truck use,” he said. 

Koehler said the department was getting some numbers together to check on the cost of remaining equipment needed to go along with the grain bin rescue tube the department had been awarded. He said, “If anyone is aware of places we can write grants to obtain harnesses, ropes and an auger we could use to round out our equipment, please get in contact with me.” 

In other officer reports, City Administrator Kim Moore gave a snapshot of some of the projects she has been working on. “We have been recruiting to hire for a Management/Analyst and that process is almost finished. Pre-construction   meetings were held with SEH and T-Mobile about upgrading the equipment on the cell towers. I have been attending Design Wisconsin meetings the last few weeks regarding Amery and how we can improve the city. We met with the new building inspector and the retiring inspector. We are still in negotiations with the Amery Police Union,” said Moore.

Police Chief Tom Marson expressed his happiness with the turnout for National Night Out and gave special thanks to Chris Franzen who spearheaded the event. He gave reminders for people to use extra caution with the increase in car; foot and bicycle traffic when school starts in a few weeks and said the department is getting prepared for Fall Festival.

Jeff Mahoney gave a report for the Public Works Department. “We are doing a lot of digging around town. If people could please watch out for the trucks and the people that would be great. Everyone is blowing their grass clippings into the street and we need to stop that as the street sweeper cannot keep up,” said Mahoney. 

Clerk-Treasurer Patty Bjorklund said the current city appraiser is not renewing her contract. She said Craig Moriak’s last day as building inspector will be Dec. 31; Dan Kegley will need to be appointed City building inspector before year’s end. 

New business covered at the meeting were the approval of two seasonal RV sites at North Park with the rate of $450 per month, approval of a fence by Megan Sondreal and George Risberg at property near North Twin Lake, approval of Partner Properties LLC 2 Lot Certified Survey Map, reimbursement of Pickle Ball Court expenses of $95.55 and offering of the Management/Analyst position to Benjamin Jansen.

Approval of Fermented Malt Beverage, Liquor and Cigarette licenses were approved from Freedom Valu Center #31 and Holiday #56 as the two businesses are being sold to Apple Green Midwest.

Appointment of Chad Leonard to fill vacated position of Alderperson Rick Davis was approved. The board had the option to approve his term until the spring election or through the remainder of Davis’ term, which ends in 2022. The board voted to have him in place for the remaining term.

The city accepted the CDBG-PF Award in the amount of $1,000,000 from the State of Wisconsin Department of Administration.

A two-dollar increase in Call out Pay for Public Works Employees was tabled after discussion. Council member Tim Strohbush said, “After some thought on it, I would like to hold off for at least a month until we can get something in place to ensure there is no abuse of this benefit. It was brought to us with the recommendation from Finance for Emergency Call Outs. What exactly that exactly mean? Call out for snowplowing? Part of their regular duties is snow plowing. I would like the City Administrator to examine this a little better and maybe come up with better criteria for when this bonus applies.”

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