Amery’s Diane Fansler was elected and is currently serving as Lions Club International District Governor for Multiple District 27 E-1. Fansler represents the nearly 1700 Lions Members in the 8 furthest Northwestern counties of Wisconsin.

Lions Clubs International (LCI) is the World’s largest Service organization, with more than 1.47 million members in more than 210 countries. It is calculated that each Wisconsin Lion serves 221 persons annually, which means that Multiple District (MD) 27 E-1 Lions positively impact 371,280 people annually through Service such as Disaster Relief; Eyeglass and Hearing Aid screening and assistance; Leader Dogs; Immunization and Disease Prevention Programs; Cancer and Diabetes Awareness and Education Programs; free Camp for Youth with Vision/Hearing/Cognitive Impairments; and numerous Community Needs. Lions accept no personal remuneration so all funds that they raise go directly to Service.

Fansler is one of 753 worldwide District Governors (DG) elected to one-year terms beginning annually in July. As DG for MD 27 E-1, Fansler serves as one of 10 District Governors on the State Lions Council of Governors (COG). 

She also presides over the E-1 District Cabinet, which consists of 48 District Lions leaders fulfilling 76 leadership positions. Fansler represents and governs Lions in 45 local Lions Clubs in Polk, Burnett, Barron, Douglas, Washburn, Sawyer, Rusk and Chippewa counties. E-1’s Clubs vary from 3 to 73 members with average Club size of 37. Amery Lions Club has 58 members.

Fansler explained Wisconsin Lions are unique because MD 27 is the entire State of Wisconsin and nothing but the State of Wisconsin. Most other Multiple Districts include several states and even multiple countries, such as nearby MD 5, which represents Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and parts of 3 Canadian provinces. MD 27 (Wisconsin) has nearly 17,000 Lions members.

DG Fansler describes her term 2018-19 as “a special year for LCI” and “a highly successful year for our E-1 District.”

Three international achievements cited by Fansler are: 1-the start of Lions Clubs second century from Lions’ 1917 beginning in Chicago; 2-the 50th anniversary of LCIF (the humanitarian branch of Lions Clubs that provides disaster grants); and 3-the election of Lions first female President, Gudrun Yngvadottir from Iceland .

MD 27 E-1 Lions are experiencing a highly successful year with Fansler’s leadership. Although final statistics will not be available until late July, E-1 currently leads significantly in membership growth, percentage of female members, and international Awards among all 10 Districts in Wisconsin as well as numerous other U.S. states. 

E-1 is also honored with its first-ever endorsed Candidate for International Director. And, E-1 has been recognized by current MD 27 District Governors for the District’s unity and respectful leaders and for District contributions toward two successful Matching LCIF Grants totaling $200,000 which will provide cutting-edge successful treatment of Childhood Cancer with Flow-Cytometers in Milwaukee and Madison hospitals (see photo).

MD 27 E-1 has welcomed nearly 50 new Lions this year with a YTD net growth of 2.5 percent. Fansler recently recognized Luck Lions Club for their 18 percent growth in membership this year when she installed 10 new members in May.

Within LCI’s goal of 25 percent worldwide female membership, MD 27 E-1 is again a leader with the highest percentage of female membership in Wisconsin with 31.5 percent female Lions Districtwide, including phenomenal female membership rates of more than 50 percent in 9 Clubs and 76.5 percent females in Hawkins Lions Club. Fansler also recognized Siren Lions Club as the first ever E-1 Club of the Year for its successful conversion from an all-male club for 50 years to welcoming their first female members this year, an increase of 10.25 percent females in less than one year!

District E-1 Leaders recently received record-breaking International Awards. Lions’ District Governors nominate District leaders for three levels of International Awards, which are selected by the 35 worldwide International Directors, the International President and 3 International Vice Presidents.

At the E-1 District Convention held in Superior March 29-31, International Director (ID) Geoff Wade from Port St. Lucie, Florida, honored six E-1 Lions with the fourth highest Lions award, the Lions presidential Certificate of Appreciation. Past DG Ray and Lion MaryLou Stanley from Amery Lions Club were honored with this Award. 

At the MD 27 State Convention held in Wisconsin Dells May 16-19, four additional E-1 Lions received medals from ID Connie LeClair-Meyer. Two E-1 Lions were honored with the second highest Lions Award, the presidential Leadership Award. And, two E-1 Lions received the second highest Award in Lions, the presidential Award. Amery Lion Carl Glocke was honored with this prestigious award for his 15 years of outstanding Lions service. Glocke currently serves as Treasurer for both the Amery Club and District E-1.

Also at the State Lions Convention, E-1 Lions achieved its first-ever endorsed Candidate for International Director when Past DG Lee Vrieze from Jim Falls was elected and endorsed by Wisconsin Lions. 

DG Fansler credits the District’s outstanding success this year to the “integrity, dedication, hard work, generosity, cooperation, mutual respect, and courage of District Clubs and Lions.” On the local level, Fansler cited outstanding support from Chet Johnson drugstore, Amery Family Restaurant and Amery Lions Club.

Amery Lions Club is currently participating in LCI’s special New Member Drive. The membership Fee is waived for new Lions who join officially by June 30, 2019, and who remain Lions for one year. In addition, new Lions will be guests at the Amery Club’s annual Steak Fry on June 24, where they will be inducted by current District Governor Diane Fansler and will receive a special Lions Membership Certificate signed by the Lions only female International President. 

If you are interested in finding out more about the local Amery Lions Club including the current special New Member Drive, please contact DG Fansler at, President Dave Bowman at or any Amery Lion.

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