For current seat holders in local elections, papers of non-candidacy needed to be filed by December 27, 2019. It seems as if the faces of some people we have become quite familiar with, will not be returning to office. 

In Amery, Kris Vicker has decided not to run. Vicker, Chair of the Public Safety Committee, was elected to City Council in 2008. 

Amery City Clerk treasurer Patty Bjorklund said the following will be placed on the spring ballot: Mayor: Paul Isakson. Alderperson District #1: Rick Van Blaricom, Alderperson District #2: Tim Strohbusch and Alderperson At Large: VACANT. Circuit Court Judge: Chelsea Whitley

At the County level, Polk County Chairman Dean Johansen, District 3; Larry Jepsen, District 10 Supervisor and Amery’s District 12 Supervisor, Mick Larsen will not seek re-election to another term.

Johansen joined the County Board 12 years ago and has chaired the board for the last four years. Jepsen started his role with the County Board 16 years ago. Mick Larsen has served on the Polk County Board on and off for 20 years. 

Polk County Clerk Sharon Jorgenson said the following have announced their candidacies for Polk County Board of Supervisors: 

District 1: Brad Olson of Frederic (Incumbent) and Michael Noreen of Frederic. District 2: Doug Route of Frederic (Incumbent). District 3: Lisa Doerr of Cushing, Steven Warndahl of St. Croix Falls and Ted Zindars of Luck. District 4: Chris Nelson of Balsam Lake (Incumbent). District 5: Tracy LaBlanc of Clayton (Incumbent). District 6: Brian Masters of Balsam Lake (Incumbent) and Mike Miles of Luck. District 7: Michael Prichard of St. Croix Falls (Incumbent). District 8: James S. Edgell of Centuria (Incumbent). District 9: Kim A. O’Connell of Osceola (Incumbent).

District 10: Amy Middleton of Dresser and Tom Magnafici of Dresser. District 11: Jay Luke of Amery (Incumbent). District 12: Francis Duncanson of Amery. District 13: Russell E. Arcand of Clear Lake (Incumbent). District 14: John Bonneprise of Star Prairie (Incumbent) and District 15: Joe Demulling of Star Prairie (Incumbent). As far as local school board elections, in Amery Emilie Bremness will go up against Incumbent Erin Hosking. In the spring election of 2019, Hosking edged Bremness receiving 830 votes to Bremness’s 724. 

In Clayton, three are running for two seats: Incumbent Jeff Young Jr., 

Incumbent Roger Olson and Shawn P. Schradle. 

In Clear Lake School District, two incumbents are running for re-election; Greg Friendshuh and Kevin “Skip” Grosskreutz.

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