Eric Elkin

A familiar face to many, Eric Elkin has been appointed the newest member of the Amery City Council.

In April Kay Erickson edged out Michael Klopotek for the Alderperson at Large seat, previously held by Kris Vickers. Erickson resigned, leaving the seat vacated. Elkin was appointed by Isakson and the council approved him to hold the remainder of the term.

“I grew up in rural Amery, West and South about 10 miles. At the time it was an area with dairy farms called Wagon Landing. I have worked for what started as Doboy Packaging Machinery and has since been owned by Bosch and is now Syntegon Packaging in New Richmond. My wife Pam and I have lived in Amery now for more than 20 years,” said Elkin.

When asked why he was interested in being on City Council, Elkin replied, “This was something discussed with several people in Amery over the past few years. The time hasn't been right until now, so when Mayor Paul asked me to fill an unexpired term I accepted.”

Elkin said not running for the position; he did not come to it with any preconceived ideas or goals. He said, “I would say that foremost is to listen, learn, and represent the best interests of the community.”

When it comes to his favorite things about living in Amery, Elkin said, “I enjoy the sense of community, the way that people will come together when there is a need, and the way that most people feel about Amery. I want people to continue to be proud of Amery.”

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