Thoughts of spring, vibrant flowers and plants may be just what it takes to  get through a cold and snowy winter. When many people in Amery think about preparing to dig their hands in the dirt, Dragonfly Gardens comes to mind. The business started by Rob Bursik is now under new ownership.

Peter Henry has started a new endeavor at Dragonfly. He said, “It’s been such a blessing for this community to have a business like Dragonfly Gardens. I think we all feared the worst after the horrible events of Rob’s death. As I realized the family wanted to sell, I began to understand how the business could fit within work I am already doing — and how important it is that Dragonfly continue to operate and be owned locally.”

Henry said he saw the quality and dedication of people who have been running Dragonfly and will continue to run it, and he just got this really great feeling. “You know, plants are so crucial to our everyday life, in so many ways — food, shelter, habitat, conservation of soil, water and air, the aesthetics — it’s a mind-blower when you start to think about it,” he said.

“Cheryl Clemens did a wonderful job running Dragonfly these last two years, and what a tribute to Rob and the Bursik family that everyone wants to keep it going. That’s really special,” said Henry.

Clemens, the business manager of Dragonfly said, “We would like to the thank the community of Amery for their long-term support of Dragonfly Gardens. Our loyal customers and staff have kept us going during these past two years of adjustment without former owner, Rob Bursik. 

Rob’s kids, his widow Jessica, and I wish the best to the new owner, Peter Henry. He will be maintaining existing staff and our growing model to provide the great plants and service you are used to from Dragonfly Gardens! Best wishes to Peter and thanks again to Amery!”

Henry said, “I am as excited as can be, and I think our whole Dragonfly staff can’t wait for that first heater to cycle on and get some seeds in the ground come late February. It’s a ritual that connects right up with farming. Long term, I hope that Dragonfly can work with Farm Table to create learning programs out at the gardens, whether carbon friendly yards or pollinator plantings or prairie restoration or creating soil health in the home garden — this part of it, how we can collaborate with what is already in Amery is very exciting to me.” 

“Mainly though, Dragonfly does such a good job with its core business -- great flowers and plants. There will be no wandering away from that. From flowers to vegetables to Native perennials, we will continue to provide a wide selection of original products,” he said. 

“I’ve got a lot to learn and a lot to be grateful for, so it’s a nice turn of events that I expect will keep me on my toes and provide many blessings over the seasons ahead.”

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