The Clear Lake Police Department recently implemented a new technique that makes them unique in Polk County.

The approach taken to many things has been revisited during the current pandemic. Many practices have been examined to see how they can be done remotely. In response to COVID-19, Clear Lake PD purchased a new reporting application that allows citizens to do file a police report online. 

Chief Tim Strohbusch said, “This is a common practice in larger metro areas, but we implemented it to encourage the social distancing and also to make it easier for people to report smaller, non-emergency events.” 

To access the reporting application, visit

From this page, you can submit event, vehicle and location information.  This will be submitted anonymously. When a report is submitted, an officer will review the report and if needed, may contact you for follow up. If a report is generated, you may receive other documents via email. “We are encouraging people to not only use the system but sign up for a username to use the system more,” said Strohbusch.

Types of events to report include:

• Non-Emergency Calls 

• Report a Pothole

• Damage to property/Vehicles that are not in progress

• Trees down/blocking view of roadway 


Damage to Village properties 

Driving complaints 

Alarms at Village Facilities 

Speeding vehicles 

Service requests, suspicious persons, vehicles and/or activities 

Request for burning permits 

Information about crimes/offenses 

Other activity that requires a non-emergency Ordinance violations response from village services

Always remember to call 911 for all emergencies and crimes in progress. When not using online resources for reporting events, the Clear Lake Police non-emergency number is 715-263-2156. Polk County Dispatch can be reached at 715-485-8300. The Clear Lake Village Hall number is 715-263-2157.

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