A local group of people is sharing their excitement about an opportunity available to the City of Amery. Their hope is the motto, “Your Community-Your Input-Your Vision” will encourage people to be a part of a discussion regarding the future of the community.

“Design Amery” promises to give residents the chance to engage in conversation, dreaming, and planning—for the good of the community—through the University of Wisconsin-Extension’s “Design Wisconsin” program. The team behind Design Amery is inviting you to be part of envisioning Amery’s future.

Letters are currently being distributed with details about the project. According to Design Amery’s literature, “Amery area residents, businesses, and nonprofits are invited to join forces and roll up their sleeves for a unique community planning and design project. Over the course of three days, a team made up of planning and design professionals will volunteer to assist us in visualizing our community’s future. These professionals will stay with host families and facilitate a series of public engagement activities. The outcome of the visit will be 20-30 large, hand-drawn visual representations, which incorporate all of our best thinking, planning, and dreaming about our community’s future.

“These representations will serve as a starting point for future community planning and development initiatives. In other communities around the state, this process has inspired economic, social, beautification, and recreational projects that enhance communities and spark economic growth.

“For the process to be a success, and for Amery’s application to be accepted by the UW-Extension, broad public support and participation is essential. One way of gauging that support, while also getting the word out, is through collecting letters of support. We hope you will join with us and write a letter of support, on letterhead if applicable, to help us launch this exciting project.”

The program has been implanted in the communities of Grantsburg and Ellsworth with great success. In order for the Design Amery project to become a reality, $10,000 needs to be raised and letters of community support from individuals and organizations need to be seen by the UW-Extension office.

Community participation during the visit is crucial. Ideas will be explored on the Friday evening of the weekend event to be held in the spring of 2020. The following evening, attendees can vote for their favorite community-wide initiatives.

After the inspiring weekend, volunteers will be needed to help implement the projects. 

To learn more about Design Amery and ways you can show support and let your voice be heard, visit www.AmeryWisconsin.org/DesignAmery

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