Dominique Amos

Dominique Amos

Attempting to gain entry into a closed bar and repeatedly resisting officers led to charges of Disorderly Conduct, Resisting Officer and Criminal Damage to Property for Dominique Ronald Amos, 25, of Barron.

According to Probable Cause, June 9, law enforcement was dispatched to Tippy Canoes in Osceola for a report of a male that was trying to break into the bar after closing.

An officer arrived on scene and noticed a male in a gray shirt and a blue cap that dispatch described. The male was later identified as Amos.

Allegedly as the officer approached Amos, it was noticed that he was intoxicated and swaying on his feet. 

The officer asked Amos where he was staying and he would not reply. The officer informed Amos the bar was closed and he needed to go home. Amos allegedly said, “No I need to get back in and get a smoke.” 

Amos was informed again the bar was closed. Amos turned around and pulled aggressively on the locked door causing the bar tender to run back into the building.

The officer again told Amos it was time to go and Amos became angry and said “I am not leaving. What are you going to do?” 

Allegedly Amos attempted to go back to the door and law enforcement told him that he needed to leave. The officer got a hold of his left arm and he ripped his hand away, clenched his fists and told the officer he was not leaving.

Amos was told he needed to leave again and he refused. Law enforcement got a hold of Amos’s left arm and placed him into an escort hold. Amos attempted to pull away and allegedly said, “Your about to die. I am going to shoot you.” 

Amos reached back behind himself and the officer performed a rear leg sweep and escorted Amos to the ground. Amos was told to stop resisting and he tucked his arms under his body and then rolled to his back. 

Dispatch was informed that someone was resisting and asked for another car to respond to the location.

Amos lifted his leg and attempted to kick the officer after which law enforcement deployed pepper spray and told Amos to stop resisting or he will get sprayed. Amos said “Go expletive yourself.”  

The officer attempted to roll Amos over and he resisted. Amos was sprayed in the face with the pepper spray the officer held his arm while the spray took effect.  

Law enforcement drew their electronic control device (TASE) but reholstered it as they were able to get his left hand into a handcuff and secured it behind his back as he resisted. Eventually the officer was able to secure his right hand behind his back and secure it into a handcuff.

Amos was told to stand to his feet and he refused. The officer lifted Amos to his feet. Amos resisted walking to the squad and when told to get into the car, Amos allegedly said, “Expletive you.” 

When Amos was sat on the seat, he attempted to head butt law enforcement. 

During interview with the bartender, the officer was told Amos was informed the bar was closing and he went behind the bar. Amos was told he could not be behind the bar and he became very angry. The bartender said Amos threatened her by telling her that his girlfriend is in the Marines. Amos allegedly said, “She is going to expletive up you face.” He also called her other expletives.

She said she was able to trick Amos to go outside and locked the door behind him.

Allegedly Amos became very angry and ripped off the screen of the bar damaging the screen.  Allegedly Amos went all around the bar attempting to find a way in. the bartender said she looked outside and thought Amos grabbed a large while rock and was going to break a window with the rock, she feared for her safety and called the police.

When she finished filling out her statement, the officer transported Amos to the Polk County Jail.

While en-route to the jail, expletives continued and allegedly Amos kept hacking up flem and spitting it in the squad. 

At the jail, Amos was asked if he wanted to be treated for the pepper spray at the eye wash station. Amos cussed and continued to be verbally and physically combative with jail staff. He was secured into a cell.

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